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Sailfishing in Gulf off of Cancun
On (Left) Salmon from Alaska

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Born 1/2/38
Phone:  918-369-3988
Bixby, Ok

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Christmas 2007




Stanley McGuire
Mabel Gowdy McGuire

Stanley Jack McGuire
Patrick  McGuire
Geraldine McGuire Cowan
Connie McGuire Hufft


Lonnie holding Mike

Janene Caudle McGuire
Lonnie Michael McGuire (Mike)
Lance Patrick McGuire (Pat)

Our boys both married girls of color.  One Brown and one Black



This site is for the whole Gowdy and McGuire Clan.  Please send us information and pictures that you want up.  If we have a picture on that you hate, let us know.  Please spread the word to all of the family.  If you don't have a picture up, it is because we didn't have any.  It would be nice to have addresses and bio's on everyone or at least e-mail addresses

Senior Picture



College Picture on Left and the Picture on the right is down at the cabin on Texoma.  That's where Mike and Pat had their first tire swing, learned to ski, caught their first fish, had pillow fights (I mean big old feather pillow fights)  Lonnie and Janene walked in and couldn't see or breathe.  

Taken at Cabin on Texoma in 1970's


Lonnie and Richard Carpenter

Janene McGuire
Mike McGuire
Shaunna Hufft Swearingin
will be working on the site.

E-mail Pictures or
Mailing address for pictures will be: 

9428 E. 114th St. So.
Bixby, Ok 74008

Pictures will be returned


Janene, Lonnie, Sharla, Pat, Mike 



Tell it Captain Lon!  Chris Hermann on old houseboat


Ski Trip to Angle Fire in 1980's.  Jim Moon, (Rosie taking picture) Janene, Lonnie, Montie and Janis Sprouse





Lonnie at 19 Years and BC



 Another infamous ski trip in 80's.  I sure hated to quit skiing, but one torn up knee is enough.  (Janene)

  Bill Norman, Jim Turner, Pete Claytor, ?, James Robison, Lonnie.  Flew in and camped on Island and fished for Salmon up in Alaska.  Bill Norman owned Bill Norman Lures. Pete was on staff with James Robison Ministries The company was good and the fishing great.  No Motels though. jm

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Front of house Christmas 2000

West end of house Christmas 2000

Front of house 2001

Front of house 2001 from East

House from West End


Lonnie, Mike, Delmar Caudle, Benny Hufft in Canada


Monarch December 1985
Janene McGuire, Sharla Hufft, Shaunna Hufft, Lonnie

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