Born January 23, 1992

Father:  Mike McGuire (Lonnie Michael) Grandfather:  Lonnie Wayne McGuire
Mother:  Deborah Brown McGuire Grandmother:  Janene Caudle McGuire
Brother:  Caleb McGuire Grandfather:  Bob Brown
  Grandmother:  Sandy Brown


MeMaw Janene plays dress up 
 with Dehra



Dehra's Dance Recital July 2000 8 Years Old

Dehra at 5 Years Old



Our little lump of sugar

Dehra and Teryn

Dehra is well rounded and very involved with life and having lots of fun.  She dances, plays piano, sings, plays basketball, plays softball, runs track and is very fast.  Won the Kansas State Meet in 5 events and set records in 4.  She loves to read, makes straight A's, and gave her heart to the Lord and has been filled with the Spirit.  This is her Grandmother talking so you can see I am totally prejudiced.   

Getting ready to go to photographer Christmas 2000




I don't think Caleb was good and awake yet.


Dehra's first dance is with her PePaw at Amber McGuire Callaway's wedding



Bandit, Dehra, Caleb.  Trees up, here are the presents!

Right - First Fish to heavy for her to lift alone



Left - Dance Recital July 2001 9 yrs.


Right - Easter at 5


dehra9.jpg (23637 bytes)
Dehra May 2002

Dehra Christmas 2001 Dehra's first horseback ride April 2000  

Dehra's First Horse
Jim Dandy (8 Months old) Christmas 2002
She loves to ride and jump.  She is an
excellent rider

Learned to kneeboard and ski
summer of 2005

Thru with horses 2006
New love - Cheerleading

School picture 2006 14 years old

Sweet  16 January 23, 2008

    Dehra and Friends
Getting ready for Winter Ball    
Poster for Disney's High School Musical

Dehra plays Sharpay

Dehra on the right


Performed at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center



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