Jane Inez Thames Humphrey
Born March 9, 1894 in Calera, Alabama

Father: Charles Elijah Thames
Mother: Ludia Louisa Ray Ludia died May 23, 1911 - Her father was full blood Cherokee Scout for the Confederate army  and called Captain Ray.  Her mother was a doctor for the confederates and they were from Alabama.
Daughter: Esther Louise Humphrey Holloway Born 8/29/1910
Daughter: Myra Florine Humphrey Duer Born 9/25/1911
Son Clinton Clyde Humphrey Born 1/27/1914
Daughter Berenice Yvonne Humphrey Caudle Born 2/10/20 Muskogee, Oklahoma
Daughter: Nellie Fay Humphrey Schweiss Born 8/8/1922 Henryetta, Oklahoma
Son: Johnie Howard Humphrey Born 8/26/1925 Henryetta, Oklahoma Died 5/25/1934

Jane Inez Humphrey and her sister Mary

Jane Inez Humphrey and her sister Almeda from Birmingham, Alabama, Mary in background