Lena Mae Gowdy's 

Father: James Reece Howell Born Dec. 15, 1851 in Mississippi
Married Jan 12, 1871 Union County, Mississippi
Died Nov. 10, 1902 in Myrtle, Mississippi 
Mother: Sarah "Sallie" (Ashton) Born Jan. 29, 1855 Mississippi
Died Aug. 21, 1930 in Gorman Texas
Husband Lon Clark Gowdy

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Vernon, Perry, Herman and Lon Gowdy
Mabel, Fay, Lena Gowdy

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James Reece Howell

Father: David Howell Born 1813 in Tennessee
Mother Farthing Perthenia (?) Born 1821 or 1822 in South Carolina

Sarah "Sallie" (Ashton)

Father: Owen Ashton Born 1824, Tennessee
Mother: Jane Born 1833, Georgia

Children and Grandchildren of
Lon Clark and Lena Mae (Howell) Gowdy

1.  Vernon Leroy Gowdy and Virgie May Frazier Gowdy

  1. Marjorie June Gowdy

  2. Grace Helen Gowdy

  3. Jesse Frank (died)

  4. Lavan Owen Gowdy

  5. Lena May Gowdy

  6. Vernon Leroy Jr.

  7. Charlie Joe Gowdy

  8. Virgie Louise Gowdy

  9. Karen Faye Gowdy

2.  W. Faye Gowdy Haven and Joe Davis Haven

  1. Baby Boy (died)

  2. Norma Jean Haven

  3. Joe Allen Haven

3.  Virgie D. (died at one month)

4.  Mabel Elsie Gowdy McGuire and Stanley Verell McGuire

  1. Stanley "Jack" McGuire

  2. Geraldine "Gerry" McGuire

  3. Melton Patrick "Pat" McGuire

  4. Lonnie McGuire

  5. Connie McGuire

5.  Perry Leonard Gowdy and Anna Ethyl (Evans) Gowdy

  1. Bobby Joe Gowdy

  2. Leonard "Dale" Gowdy

  3. Clydene (died)

6.  Sallie "Maude" Gowdy Null and Bernard Richard Null

  1. Ronald R. Null

  2. Bill Null

7.  Herman H. Gowdy and Ruby G. (Harvison) Gowdy

  1. Randy A. Gowdy (adopted)

8.  James "Chink" Gowdy and Ella M. (Harvison) Gowdy

  1. Leon Gowdy

  2. Darrell Gowdy

  3. Don Gowdy

  4. Tommy Gowdy

  5. Barry Gowdy

9.  Hershell E. Gowdy and Juanita (Finley) Gowdy

  1. Edward D. Gowdy

  2. Carolyn Gowdy

10.  Velma Mae Gowdy (died at about 18 1/2 months)


Grandchildren and Grandchildren-In-Law

Marjorie June Gowdy Edward "Ed" Hill
Grace Helen Gowdy Gail Phelan Smith
Levan Owen Gowdy Geneva Naomi Langley
Lena May Gowdy Francis Logen "Bud" Dressler
Vernon Leroy Gowdy Jr. Wynona Lavern Harrison
Charlie Joe Gowdy Shirley Ann Odell - Diane Dietrich
Virgie Louise Gowdy David Wayne Jones
Karen Faye Gowdy Harold Gene "Pete" Coleman
Norma Jean Haven Paul Boyd Nunn
Joe Allen Haven Dell Hamilton
Jack McGuire Katherin Nation
Geraldine McGuire Harold Cowan
Patrick McGuire Mariaetta Peterson
Lonnie McGuire  Janene Caudle
Connie McGuire Benny Hufft
Bobby Joe Gowdy Evie "Jean" Miller
Leonard Dale Gowdy Willa Mae Rhodes
Ronald Null Sue Hause
Bill Null Patricia King
Randy A. Gowdy Linda Young - Dianne McCrackin
Leon Gowdy Sherry Sheriffler
Darrel Gowdy Darla Barger
Don Gowdy Audrey Osborn
Tommy Gowdy Kathy Goff
Barry Gowdy Vickie Bishop
Edward D. Gowdy Barbara Hinrich
Carolyn Gowdy Billy J. Burton

Family News
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