Lon Clark Gowdy and Lena May Howell

Some of the information at the bottom of this page and Lena Mae's page was compiled from Geneva N. (Langley) Gowdy's calendar she made in 1994

Known Gowdy Ancestors Below

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Lon Clark Gowdy
Married to Lena Mae Howell

Lena Mae  Howell Gowdy

Lon Gowdy Ancestory Below

Lena Gowdy,  Mabel McGuire, Gerry McGuire Cowan, 
Baby Dennis Cowan - 4 Generations

Father:  James Gowdy or Goudy 
Born 11/20/1848 Tippah Co., Miss.
Died 3/1/1915 Blue Mountain, Miss.
Buried Blue Mountain Cemetery
Blue Mountain, Mississippi

Married to Rachel Ann Jernigan
Born 12/24/1844 North Carolina
Died 12/13/1915 Tippah Co. Mississippi
Buried Blue Mountain Cemetery
Blue Mountain Mississippi


Grandfather:  William K.P. Goudy 
Born 4/1/1810 South Carolina
Died 1/20/1885 Tippah Co. Miss.
Buried Sand Spring Cemetery 1 mile East of Blue Mtn, Miss.

Married to Julia Ann Carnal
Born 8/1/18 or 1819
Died 4/6/1900 Tippah Co. Miss
Buried Sand Spring Cemetery 1 mile East of Blue Mtn. Miss.  They had 6 Children

Great Grandfather:  John Gowdy
  Born about 1780 March
Died between April 27, 1846 and 1850
Burried Abbeville Co. South Carolina

Jane (?) Gowdy
Born 4/1/1781 South Carolina
Died Jan. 1864 Tippah Co. Mississippi
Burried Sand Spring Cemetery 1 mile East of Blue Mtn, Mississippi

Not convinced that this John and Jane Gowdy are the parents of William K.P. Goudy because in this John Gowdy's will, John makes no mention of having a son by the name of William.  Jane Gowdy could have been an aunt of William's wife, Julia Ann.

  1. William
  2. Robert
  3. Eliza
  4. Jane


  1. John
  2. William
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Robert
  5. James
  6. Mary
  1. William
  2. Archie
  3. Etta
  4. Lonnie Clark
  5. Virgie
  6. Annie
  7. John Algie

Lon and Lena Mae (Howell) Gowdy's Children
Total of 10


1.  Vernon Leroy Gowdy  and Virgie May (Frazier) Gowdy

  1. Marjorie June Gowdy

  2. Grace Helen Gowdy

  3. Jesse Frank (died)

  4. Lavan Owen Gowdy

  5. Lena May Gowdy

  6. Vernon Leroy Jr.

  7. Charlie Joe Gowdy

  8. Virgie Louise Gowdy

  9. Karen Fay Gowdy

2. W. Faye Gowdy and Joe Davis Haven

  1. Baby Boy (died)

  2. Norma Jean Haven

  3. Joe Allen Haven

3.  Virgie D. (died at one month)

4.  Mabel Elsie Gowdy and Stanley Verell McGuire

  1. Stanley "Jack" McGuire

  2. Geraldine "Gerry" McGuire

  3. Melton Patrick "Pat" McGuire

  4. Lonnie Wayne McGuire

  5. Connie McGuire

5.  Perry Leonard Gowdy and Anna Ethyl (Evans)

  1. Bobby Joe Gowdy

  2. Leonard "Dale" Gowdy

  3. Clydene (died)

6.  Sallie "Maude" Gowdy and Bernard "Bernie" Richard Null

  1. Ronald R. Null

  2. Bill Null

7.  Herman H. Gowdy and Ruby G. (Harvison)

  1. Randy A. Gowdy

8.  James "Chink" Gowdy and Ella M. (Harvison)

  1. Leon Gowdy

  2. Darrel Gowdy

  3. Don Gowdy

  4. Tommy Gowdy

  5. Barry Gowdy

9.  Hershel E. Gowdy and Juanita (Finley)

  1. Edward D. Gowdy

  2. Carolyn Gowdy

10.  Velma Mae (died at about 18 1/2 months)


The following obituary appeared in the Bristow News, May 17, 1951:

Mrs. Lena Gowdy Services were conducted last week at Mannford for Mrs. Lena Gowdy, 70, mother of V.L. Gowdym Bristow>  Mrs. Gowdy died May 11th at her home west of Sapulpa.  She lived in this area many years.  Other survivors included 3 daughters Mrs. S.V. McGuire, West of Sapulpa; Mrs. Joe Haven, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Gernard Null, Seminole; five sons, including James Gowdy, Northwest of Sapulpa; 26 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

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