Lonnie Michael McGuire (Mike)

Born 3/10/1962

Father: Lonnie Wayne McGuire
Mother: Janene Caudle McGuire
Wife: Deborah Brown McGuire

Born July 6

Daughter Dehra Ann McGuire Born 1/23/1992


Son Caleb Michael McGuire Born 4/29/1993


Brother: Lance (Pat) Patrick McGuire
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You're my brother, you aren't heavy

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Deborah, Dehra, Mike

Deborah, Mike, Caleb, Dehra

Mike and Deborah live in Chanute, Kansas.  Mike is VP of Operations for Optimus Corporation in Tulsa and Manages the Chanute Plant (largest employer in Chanute) as well as one in Louisiana.  Mike graduated with honors from OU as a Mechanical Engineer.  The family attends First Assembly of God where Mike sings in the choir, and plays the drums for the services.  Deborah is very involved and coaches in the Christian school where Dehra and Caleb both attend.  They just recently opened a Christian Coffee House for high school and college kids.  They purchased a 20,000 square foot building right downtown.  They have large Christian Concerts most weekends.  They have a huge concert hall and coffee house on the main floor and will have a 3/4 size gym and two apartments on the second floor.  The apartments will house the band members and keep them from having to stay in motels.  They have received a lot of support from a lot of different churches and denominations in Chanute as well as surrounding towns.  Since Chanute is between Wichita and Tulsa, and there is not a lot for the kids in the area to do, the Coffee House has met with great success.  The opening night they had 65 decisions for Christ.  Deborah stays very busy with her children and many other children and their activities in Chanute.  This is written by Janene without approval from anyone.  

Mike and family friend Shari Whiteside

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