Mable Gowdy McGuire
Born 3-15-1906

Father:  Lon Clark Gowdy (1878) Brother: Vernon Gowdy
Mother: Lena May Howell Brother:                          Perry Gowdy
Husband: Stanley McGuire Brother: Herman Gowdy
Son: Stanley Jack McGuire Brother: Hershel Gowdy
Daughter: Geraldine McGuire Cowan Brother: James Gowdy
Son: Melton Patrick McGuire Sister: Fay Gowdy
Son: Lonnie Wayne McGuire Sister: Maude Gowdy
Daughter: Connie McGuire Hufft

Jack, Mabel, Gerry

We think this is Mabel and Faye Gowdy

Mabel, Jack and Stanley as Jack was leaving for Germany during WW11

Mabel age 15, Bessie baker 18, Mary James 15

Mabel age 59

Lonnie, Mom, Pat, Gerry, Jack

Mabel and Perry Gowdy


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Mabel, Jack and Gerry
Grace & Marjorie Gowdy
Kelly Place in Bristow
Pat, Mabel, Jack, Connie



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