Mary Christman Brown
Born as Maria Christman in Wisconsin in 1855
Had 9 children

Husband:  Louis Henry Brown Born in Illinois 1851  Believe in left home when 14 years old
Daughter:  Lena Brown Harris
Daughter:  Nell
Daughter:  Lilly
Son:  Charlie
Son:  Vernon
Son:  Ed  (Grew beautiful lilly's in Oregon)
Daughter:  Matilda Brown Martin
Daughter:  Mildred Louise Brown Caudle

Mary Christman Brown, lived to almost 94 buried in Tulsa at Rosehill Cemetery.  Born in Wisconsin.  Moved to Oregon and had all of her children around Roseburg, Oregon.  

Delmar Caudle's Grandmother
Janene's Great Grandmother
Mike and Pat's Great Great Grandmother
Dehra and Caleb's Great, Great, Great Grandmother

Lena, Nell, Lilly, Mildred, Mathilda Granny Brown/Janene Caudle

Lilly, Nell, Tillie, Mildred, Granny,Charlie the oldest

Aunt Tillie Brown Scrivner

Ed Brown

Bear wants handout taken in Oregon  


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