Mildred Brown Caudle
Born January 15 ,1899 in Barneston, Gage County, Nebraska
We have her birth certificate which was obtained by her baptismal letter from Saint Mary's Church, 107 No. 11th, Wymore, Nebraska, and issued by the State of Nebraska

Father: Louis Henry Brown
Mother: Mary Christman Brown
Husband: Daniel C. Caudle
Son: Delmar Clayton Caudle


Mildred Brown Caudle

Helen and Mildred (Cousins)

Mildred Brown Caudle 1972 73 Years
Grandmother Caudle was very sweet and loved animals.  She rode horses at age 5, and kept every stray cat that came around.  


Janene's Grandfather and Grandmother Caudle
Mike and Pat McGuire's Great Grandfather and Grandmother Caudle
Dehra and Caleb McGuire's Great, Great Grandfather and Grandmother Caudle