Milton Skaggs

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Father: Ross Skaggs  
Mother:` Gladys McGuire Skaggs  
Wife Clara Sutherland Skaggs   
Tom Skaggs and wife Clara Sutherland Skaggs. 

Tom is the son of Milton Skaggs and Lawanna


Their son is :  Evan Nolan Skaggs

Sheryl Skaggs Wong, husband:  Francis Wong

Sheryl is the daughter of Milton and Lawanna


Their Children are:
Son:  Sebastian Wong, wife:  Claire Wong, daughter:  Josephine Wong;
Son:  Sam Wong
Daughter:  Claire Jasmine Wong, husband:  Jai
Daugther:  Amie Wong
Daughter:  Elizabeth Wong
Sharla Skaggs Augustus and husband  Dwayne Augustus

Sharla is the daughter of Milton and Lawanna

Their children are:
Son:  Kevin McCleary
Son:  Kyle McCleary, sons:  Makyi (pronounced long i) McCleary, and Brendan McCleary
Daughter:  Dominique Augustus
Sisters:  Jackie, Kay, Norma, Marie  

This is Milton's High School Graduation not sure what year


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