Richard Lee Caudle
Born:  June 29, 1958


Father: Delmar C. Caudle
Mother: Berenice Y. Caudle
Sister: Janene Caudle McGuire
Brother: Johnny Francis Caudle Born 12/28/46 - Died 11/28/63
Brother: Richard Lee Caudle
Wife:  Vicki Redden Caudle
Daughter:  Jessica Rhodes Haworth
Son:  Jeremy Rhodes
Son:  Jonathan Rhodes


Ricky and Mike in California 3/10/63

Ricky at 5 Years Old

Ricky and  Gary Duer

Ricky thinks Jody is sooo funny

Ricky on Buddy's Car

Rick at 6 Years Old


Janene Caudle McGuire, Rick Caudle, Danny Caudle at Rick's Wedding 1984


My Ricky 1988 

  Rick's first Grandchild Nathanial


Vicki Redden Caudle


Jonathan Rhodes Rick's son



Lonnie, Tim, Jonathan

Family News
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